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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A card fit for a princess

We spent the weekend visiting some wonderful friends to help celebrate the second birthday of their little princess. She has a Cinderella infatuation at the moment, so the birthday party was appropriately " 'rella" themed. I love to theme gifts so that they match or complement the event we are attending. This time was different, though, because this time my hubby and I worked together to create a beautiful gift for the birthday girl! I've always considered myself to be fairly crafty in general. But the things I make are not really anything that will last (yet... I'm working on that.) They are not for specific occasions, not to be used on a regular day. My hubby, however, is so freaking talented. He works on cars, re-did most of our house by himself, and now he has gotten into wood working. For this particular princess, he decided to gift her a sweet rocking horse, and he asked me to do the more detailed painting. Since the party was " 'rella" themed, we decided to do a " 'rella" horse.

Naturally, I needed to make a card to go along with it. I pictured something magical, somewhat ethereal, with a bokeh background and the horse and carriage from Frantic Stamper. I am not an expert on bokeh, far from it, nor do I have any extensive skills with ink blending, so I did my best. (Ahem, it took me four tries to get the background before I was satisfied...)

I blended several shades of blue on my cardstock panel, then added bokeh dots (stamped off once to soften the color) in blue and gold. I die cut the horse and carriage and sentiment from Silhouette gold printable foil (it is adhesive backed, which is awesome) and put the sentiment from Winnie and Walter on a vellum panel. I added a few die cut glitter "twinkles" and some gold star confetti to give the horse and carriage the illusion that it had just been transformed from a pumpkin and a mouse. :) one of my absolute favorite cards to date. The birthday girl's parents were so amazed that hubby made the gift that the card was almost overkill haha.

I hope you like this card and my hubby's fabulous rocking horse!! He's so talented. I hope your weekend was fantastic!

P.S. I reached 200 Instagram followers last week. When I get to 250, I will do a giveaway. :)

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