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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Butterflies and Overthinking...

Hi there...

Today is going to be super quick.

While reading today's installment of the PTI Anniversary festivities, I realized that there is a pretty gaping hole amongst my arsenal of frilly, flowery, girly-fied stamps.

I have no butterflies.

"WHAT?! How can this travesty have occurred?!" one might ask.

Yeah, I know, it's *really* not a big deal, Emily. Get a grip.

We were challenged to utilize both butterflies and leaves in our submissions today, neither of which I have much (leaves) or any (butterflies, apparently). I then remembered that I have a lovely Martha Stewart butterfly punch, so I finally felt better about that gaping hole in my crafting supplies. (It also gave me the supplies needed to enter the contest, which, if won, would definitely fill that gaping hole in my crafting supplies much more fully.)

Something else I discovered today: I think too much. I created my card in less than 30 minutes, and I have to say... I like it. I think it's simplistic, but elegant, with a nice use of color and balance of space. (Wow, I sound conceited.) I now know that if I want to get something accomplished that I actually like, I need to stop thinking so much and just start creating.

I doubled the butterfly punches and bent the wings slightly because it kinda looked to me like they were taking flight that way. I inked the edge of the butterflies' wings with Chai tea from the Tea Dye Duo, just to give some contrast and make them stand out.

So there you have it. My grand revelations for the day.

On a side note: I have kind of a cute story. My little sister (who was probably the cutest, sweetest little girl while also occasionally acting the part of a devil) has the nickname "Ladybug." She's been called that since... I don't know when. She's 20, so we'll say for 19 years. Anyway, she decided that since she was "Ladybug," I had to be "Butterfly." I'm not sure how she came to that conclusion... I'm not graceful or flutter-y.... but she stuck to it. I still get butterfly-themed Christmas gifts from her occasionally, and I still give her ladybugs.

Thanks for stopping by!! :)

Supplies: (All PTI unless otherwise noted)
Berry Sorbet, Raspberry Fizz, Hibiscus Burst, Ripe Avocado cardstock
Rosie Posie
Think Big Favorites
Tea Dye Duo
Rosebud Memento dye ink
Olive CTMH ink
Martha Stewart Butterfly punch

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