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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thanks for being a friend...

Thank you for being a frieeeend.... Yes, sung to the Golden Girls theme song.

Since receiving some lovely happy mail from Jessica and Ruby, I've been trying to make more cards to send to crafty friends. I made this card oh, three weeks ago? But I've had sick kiddos for almost two weeks straight, one right after another, so the blog post just never got written. Looks like we're on the mend, fingers crossed, so I felt human enough to write a blog post today. 

So this color combo is seriously one of my absolute favorites. It's so unique, but it's still so feminine and coral peonies are ranking right up there with pink peonies for me these days. To start, I stamped the Floral Border background from The Ton Stamps using White Satin Pearl embossing powder from Hero Arts, then watercolored it using... yep you guessed it: my trusty Zigs and a wet paintbrush. I just really love that pop of color the lilac gives to the background. Kinda unexpected, but so, so pretty. 

Another new favorite? Gray leaves. I can't get enough. Neutrals as leaves are going to be my new thing. 

And... this foil paper. It's new from The Ton. It's super, super thin, so it looks like it was foiled with a Minc machine, but it cuts like a dream with your dies. Go get some. You need it. And Effie has like a gazillion colors, so be sure to get some of them ALL. I can't stop using it. Just look at that incredible shine! It's like a mirror! Loooooove! 

That's all for me today. I'll be a busy little bee in my craft room for the next couple of weeks, and you'll soon see why... *wink, wink* Keep your eyes on my IG feed next week! I'm @eamidgett if you want to come follow me. :)

Have a fantastic day, friends!

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